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Every second person encountered small bubbles on the lip, but this is only one of the manifestations of this pathogenic microorganism. Understanding what herpes is, one cannot ignore several of its distinguishing features. If the pathogen enters the body, it is securely fixed in the nervous system, and the person remains a carrier forever, and gets a chronic disease that cannot be cured. The virus has a seasonality - it is activated in autumn and spring. classic periods of natural decline in immunity. Children who are deprived of omeprazole antibodies by 3-4 years of age mainly face primary infection. Re-infections are already often observed in adults.

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The process of reproduction of the virus proceeds as follows. it infects the cell, alters the synthesizing systems, and, being in the nucleus, programs the cell to produce new viral proteins. The speed of this process increases if the virus is in the mucous membranes or epithelium, or it has entered the blood/lymph.
Gloria collectingNot a single person can protect himself from the risk of infection - most people are confident in the exclusively contact transmission of the herpetic virus, but at least the pathogens are transmitted by airborne droplets. However, according to medical statistics, it enters the body when. A separate category of cases of herpes infection are cases of infection of newborns - this is the transmission of the virus from mother to child during childbirth. Regarding the penetration process itself, there are several mechanisms.

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If pathogens are sexually transmitted, they pass from the epithelium of the mucous membrane of a partner who has a virus, or through areas of damage to the skin. With oral contacts, the transmission algorithm is the same. During childbirth, the virus enters the child through the birth canal, either by contact with the cervix (if it enters the uterine cavity through the cervical canal) or transplacentally.
If a person has received the virus due to active sexual intercourse, a rash (reminiscent of the manifestations of a fungus) can pop up on the external organs of the reproductive system. In women with genital herpes, the lesion will be the labia, cervix, thighs. In men, the head and trunk of the penis suffers, less often - the foreskin area. The remaining cases mainly cause the appearance of rashes in open areas of the mucosa.
If the virus is on a shared item, it can be transmitted to a healthy person through contact within a few hours of the item being infected. On plastic, herpes lives for 4 hours, in tissues it can linger for 36 hours. The main areas of damage to buy prilosec pills are the nerve nodes and internal organs, any mucous membranes and skin.The exact area where a herpes infection appears depends on its type.

lips, nasal passages, eyes. Less often they are observed on the skin of the body and face. If the virus has affected exclusively the nervous system, it may not be accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes, but manifest itself in the form of meningitis.

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There are about 80 types of this virus, but mainly in children and adults, doctors observe herpes simplex types 1 and 2, and only 8 can directly cause diseases associated with infection. About the causes of herpes types 6-8, as well as about their manifestations , little is known to doctors - mainly in medicine the herpes simplex virus, chickenpox, Epstein-Barr and cytomegalovirus are considered. Herpes. Description, types, symptoms, prevention and treatment of herpes.

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Herpes is the most common viral disease caused by HSV, that is, the herpes simplex virus. The herpes simplex virus has about 90% of generic prilosec pills, but only in 5% of these people the virus shows symptoms of the disease, in the rest the herpes disease occurs without clinical consequences.

In today's article, we will get to know you better with a disease such as herpes.

Relapses can occur on the red border of the lips, nose porches, eyelids, cheeks, ears, forehead, gums, inner lips and cheeks. The most common place of recurrence is in the corners of the mouth, but unfortunately there are cases when inflammation occurs in almost all of the above places.

Genital herpes is often asymptomatic while virus transmission continues.

The significance of types VI, VII and VIII is not completely clear. They are thought to play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome, a sudden rash. There are even suggestions about the role of herpes in the development of schizophrenia. Herpes simplex type II (English Herpes simplex). The second most common infection is the herpes simplex virus type 2, which causes diseases of the genital organs.

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Herpes simplex is a group of crowded vesicles with transparent contents on an inflamed base. Herpes is preceded by itching, burning of omeprazole pills, sometimes chills, malaise. Shingles - characterized by pain along the nerve, headache. A few days later, rashes appear in the form of grouped vesicles on the skin along the nerve, first with transparent, and later with purulent bloody contents. Lymph nodes increase, body temperature rises, the general condition is disturbed. Neuralgic pains can last up to several months. More photos of herpes can be viewed on the forum.